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Hendrick's Gin is a brand of produced by William Grant Sons at the Girvan distillery , Scotland , and launched in 1999. [2] In addition to the traditional open toe pearl embellished slippers Cheap Purchase Sunshine kSXo1
infusion, Hendrick's uses Tods RoundToe Leather Loafers 100% Authentic Sale Online For Cheap Discount Best Prices ZdTX3bf9N
and cucumber to add flavour. Hendrick's gin is bottled in a dark brown, apothecary -style bottle.


Hendrick's uses a blend of spirits produced from a Carter-Head Still (constructed in 1948), of which there are only a few in the world, and a small pot still , built in 1860 by Bennett, Sons Shears. Both have been restored to working order after being bought at auction in the 1960s by the former William Grant Life President, Charles Gordon. The two stills produce strikingly different styles of gin due to their different construction and methods of distillation.

The pot still is generally referred to as the Bennett still. The still is quite small, which allows most of the botanical flavour characteristics to pass into the spirit. The still is filled with neutral spirit, and the botanical recipe added with some water. This is left to steep for 24 hours, which begins the process of extracting the flavour from the botanicals. The still is then heated by an external steam jacket to boil the liquid. As the pot begins to boil, vapour moves up the short column of the still to the condenser, where they condense and are collected. First runnings can be as high as 92% alcohol, with a gradual decrease in the strength as the distillation progresses. Once all of the alcohol is collected, the final spirit will be approximately 75% alcohol v/v. This spirit is heavy, oily, and smells strongly of juniper.

In contrast, the spirit derived from the Carter-Head still is much subtler with light floral and sweet fragrances. Its method of production is quite different, with only the neutral spirit and water added to the pot. All botanicals used with the Carter-Head are added to a flavour basket at the very top of the still. Rather than boiling the botanicals, which produces the strong pungent spirit of the Bennett still, the Carter-Head bathes the botanicals in the alcohol vapours only. As these rise up through the still, they enter the base of the botanicals basket. Inside, the botanicals are contained in copper baskets, which hold them together while allowing the vapours to be fully exposed. As the evaporated alcohol moves through the botanicals it efficiently extracts flavours from them, which are carried out of the basket along with the alcohol until they reach the condenser. Only the lighter, sweeter and floral flavours are able to be extracted by this method, which gives the spirit its distinctive character.

I am also slowly amassing a really interesting collection of organisms to take back with me to LASA High School. CJ Duffie taught me how to inject crabs with formaldehyde to preserve them. Upon return to port, I will spray these crabs with polyurethane, to preserve the outer shell. I have also been preserving different organisms in jars with 20/80 (v/v) formaldehyde/saltwater. If you know me, you know I love collecting things, so this process has been particularly enjoyable. Fisheries Biologists Alonzo Hamilton and Kevin Rademacher have been very supportive in helping me collect good specimens for my classroom.

Life on the ship is very enjoyable. My bed is comfortable, the work is exciting, the meals are excellent, and the company is gregarious. However, I have completely lost track of time and date. My “morning” is actually 11 PM, and my “evening” is actually 1 PM. Accordingly, my “lunch” is actually breakfast, and my “breakfast” is actually lunch. I also never have any idea what day of the week it is. I called my girlfriend yesterday and was surprised to hear that she was not at work (it was a Sunday).

Regarding this blog, I have finally found the optimal time to write and upload photos. As the satellite internet is shared by all of the ships in the area, it is not possible to access WordPress during the daytime. Accordingly, I do all of my uploading and most of my writing between 2 and 6 AM. This works for me, as long as I can find time for the blog between research stations.

I really enjoy the people on the night shift. Kevin Rademacher, Alonzo Hamilton, and Warren Brown provide such a wealth of knowledge. These three are absolute experts of their craft, and it is a true honor to work with them. I am nearing the end of my first week on the ship, and I am still learning just as much as I was on my first day – this is incredibly exciting.

I have found that Alonzo really enjoys the TV show, “Chopped,” as it seems to be on every time I enter the dry lab. It is pretty interesting to observe him watching the show, as he enthusiastically comments on all of the dishes and regularly predicts the correct winner.

I am also getting well through one of the books I brought – Everything is Illuminated , by Jonathan Safron Foer. It is a very odd read, but it has been enjoyable so far.

I am looking very forward to every new day.

The scorpionfish that we are catching are some of the most venomous creatures in the world (see Eastbay Cheap Online Free Shipping Enjoy Tabitha Simmons Velvet Cutout Pumps Visit New Cheap Price Outlet Best Wholesale 8S1QuAK
) . These fish have spines that are coated with a venomous mucous, and their sting is incredibly painful – just ask CJ Duffie! These fish are also incredible masters of camouflage, changing in color and apparent texture to disguise themselves, so as to catch more prey.

Notable Species Seen

Posted on by davidwalker2015

Mission: SEAMAP Bottomfish Survey Geographical Area of Cruise: Gulf of Mexico Date: Friday, June 26, 2015

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Use of generalized photographs, food models and common measuring tools to estimate portion sizes in dietary intake studies may not be optimal to support seafood consumption given the heterogeneity of shape and thicknesses among seafood types and portions. Further, portion size over- and underestimation can vary considerably between different foods, as not all foods are equal for consumers to accurately estimate portion sizes ( 16 ) . Since most individuals consume mixed diets, minor overestimation of some foods may be nullified by minor underestimations of others when assessing overall dietary intake. As the use of a photographic portion guide to assess seafood consumption is simple, and can provide estimation accuracy comparable to weighed food intake ( 18 ) , specific methods such as this should be considered and utilized.

Quantifying seafood intake and assessing changes in patterns of seafood intake over time are largely dependent on accurate portion estimation. The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico provides an example where refinements in risk assessment methods were needed to protect public health, particularly Gulf coast residents who consume substantially higher amounts of regional seafood than the general population ( 30 32 ) . In conducting risk assessment, as well as discerning health benefits of individual foods, more accurate measures of intake are paramount. Researchers and public health officials concerned with both exposure and health benefits of other food types also recognize the challenges in collecting accurate food-specific intake data and the usefulness of specific food photograph guides, particularly in community settings ( Huge Surprise For Sale Derek Lam Freda Leather Pumps Low Cost Cheap Online Best Buy Cheap Footaction 3LZmLshs2C
, 34 ) . Hence, intake assessment methods must be feasible and affordable for use in communities as well as in busy clinical settings where time and resources may be limited.

This validation work was a first step to optimize assessment accuracy of fish and shrimp intake in a community setting using the photographic portion guide. Participants in the present study included a diverse adult population from a single community in the south-eastern USA. Application of the photographic guide for different populations in other geographic regions should include piloting and validation efforts to consider cultural differences and commonly consumed seafood types. Photographs included in this guide were broiled fish and sautéed shrimp. Since reference plates shown to participants in each trial were presented solely in the same manner, usefulness of the guide in estimating portion sizes when these foods are prepared using other methods, such as added to soups or stews, was not evaluated as part of the current validation study. Other fish species known to be significant sources of desirable fatty acids are often prepared in this same manner. These limitations should be recognized when using the guide in its current form in conjunction with food intake survey questions in any population of interest.

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